I found the Dollar Shave Club early in 2014, and wish I had found it years ago! I hated paying the high prices for Gillette razor blades, and the Fusion was the only one that I liked.

Now, I don’t have to worry about running out of blades and the blades I receive are very close to the quality and shave comfort of the Fusions. I can upgrade or downgrade at any time and if I start to gain an abundance of blades, I can switch to have blades delivered every other month, instead of every month. I only shave about twice a week, so four blades a month is plenty. And, I don’t have to keep using a blade over and over because of high prices. I only use each blade two shaves!

I receive an email every month reminding me that my box is about to ship, and I can easily add anything such as the One Wipe Charlies, or Shave Butter. More great products from the Dollar Shave Club.